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Jan Bodensieck 
Elektromagnetismus und Leben [¤]
  Linkliste zu Vortrag vom 30. Mai 2018 in Kiel 
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Markus Groneberg 
Anwendungsmöglichkeiten - Frequenzmedizin [¤]
  Linkliste zum Vortrag am 30. Mai 2018 in Kiel 
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Energy generators sourcing energy from a Vacuum (Zero Point Energy) - HeroX [¤]
  Quantum theory predicts and experiments verify that so-called empty space (the vacuum) contains an enormous residual background energy known as zero-point energy or ZPE (the Casimir[2] Effect). This energy derives its name from the fact that at temperatures of absolute zero, elementary particles continue to exhibit energetic behavior." The field seems to have a strong theoretical foundation, as illustrated by numerous articles in high-quality peer-reviewed scientific journals such as "Extracting energy and heat from the vacuum" by Cole and Puthoff in Physical Review E in 1993. This youtube video also features American physicist Harold Puthoff explaining the reality of ‘free energy’. 
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Regina Lamour 
Sixth wave of innovation, Forth Industrial Revolution and Energy Breakthroughs as levers of Paradigm shift [¤]
  We see the importance of new solutions for the future and we we can play the pivotal role in the transition to turn the 6th wave of innovation into “Green Kondratieff”, and the 4th industrial revolution into the “Era of Breakthroughs”. All the efforts to follow this direction will result in a better resilience of regions, towns, villages, organisations, families, a better adaptiveness to many inevitable costly risks and stronger social cohesion which is the main condition to maintain in life the dynamic of transformations and cross the turbulence zone, where we are right now, faster and with less losses. A better understanding of new energy technologies paired with higher consciousness across the society is a must to progress in this direction. Nikolas Tesla, knew that free energy devices were engineerable 100 years ago, because he spent his life working on the energy understanding. Many followers in this field are still trying to get as close as him to the secrets of our abundant world, and it is hopeful to know that we have the scientific base to continue walking in this direction, which will drive us to the state of a much more developed society. There is a growing number of grassroot movements and scientific networks engaged into transformative energy technologies. Their mission is to discuss on the energy breakthroughs and support the inventors and scientists working on R&D projects.  
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Tom Bearden 
Oceans of Free Energy [¤]
  A Partial List of Successful Documented EM Over-Unity and Negative Resistor Devices and Processes "There are at least 20 or more legitimate COP>1.0 EM power systems by various inventors and researchers in the U.S. alone"—Tom Bearden Note: A number of working overunity devices can be built from the plans posted on John Bedini's Website. Tom Bearden advises that these devices will work only if they are built exactly as shown, with no deviations or "improvements." The Kawai overunity magnetic motor can also be built directly from the Patent plans - see below 
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Jesse McQueen 
Internal Energy Generating Power Source [¤]
  An external power source such a battery is used to initially supply power to start an alternator and generator. Once the system has started it is not neccessary for the battery to supply power to the system. The battery can then be disconnected. The alternator and the electric motor work in combination to generate electrical power. The alternator supplies this electrical power to the two inverters. One inverter outputs part of its power to the lamp load device and part back to the electric motor/generator. This power is used to power the electric motor. The second inverter supplies power to the specific load devides that are connected to the system. 
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Adolf Schneider 
Diamagnetismus [¤]
  Zusammenstellung verschiedener Links zu Diamagnetismus und Bezugsquellen für verschiedene diamagnetische Materialien. 
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Hermann Breit 
Freie Energie | Politaia.org [¤]
  Verschiedene Beiträge zu aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Freien Energie mit youtube-Film-Sammlungen 
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Department of Energy (DOE) 
EnergyFiles, Database Descriptions [¤]
  A well-rounded and well-researched collection of scientific and technical resources developed by DOE OSTI 
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Gaby de Wilde 
Water-fueled car [¤]
  To all whom it may concern be it known that I, Gaby de Wilde, artist, subject of the Dutch Queen, of Dutch nationality, a citizen of the independent monarchy of the Netherlands governed by members of the House of Orange Nassau, residence of Enkhuizen, in the Province of North-Holland the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have documented claims of new and improved methods towards utilisation of water in the sense of it being a fuel source thus allowing for the construction of peak oil reziliant apparatus in the most general sense thereof I hereby declare ofwhich the following specification to aproach as closeley as possible to be the full, clear, exact and accurate description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to use the same. 
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