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Die GAIA Plattform wird mehrsprachig [¤]
  Die Webseite des Verein GAIA - https://gaia-energy.org/ - ist in Kürze mehrsprachig verfügbar. 2019 beginnt international. Durch Weglot (ein französisches Unternehmen) werden bald alle Inhalte mehrsprachig zu lesen sein. Mit Englisch wird es losgehen, später kommen weitere Sprachen hinzu. 
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Barrie Lawson 
Electropaedia, Energy Sources and Energy Storage, Battery and Energy Encyclopaedia and History of Technology [¤]
  Electropaedia, Battery and Energy Knowledge Base, Energy Storage and Power Generation Technologies, Battery Management and Battery Chargers, History of Technology 
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Peter Lindemann 
The World of Free Energy [¤]
  Summary of free energy technologies provides introductory information on several forms of free energy with links to more detailed information....Free energy technology is here. It has been here for decades. Communications technology and the Internet have torn the veil of secrecy off of this remarkable fact. People all over the world are starting to build free energy devices for their own use.  
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Regina Lamour 
Sixth wave of innovation, Forth Industrial Revolution and Energy Breakthroughs as levers of Paradigm shift [¤]
  We see the importance of new solutions for the future and we we can play the pivotal role in the transition to turn the 6th wave of innovation into “Green Kondratieff”, and the 4th industrial revolution into the “Era of Breakthroughs”. All the efforts to follow this direction will result in a better resilience of regions, towns, villages, organisations, families, a better adaptiveness to many inevitable costly risks and stronger social cohesion which is the main condition to maintain in life the dynamic of transformations and cross the turbulence zone, where we are right now, faster and with less losses. A better understanding of new energy technologies paired with higher consciousness across the society is a must to progress in this direction. Nikolas Tesla, knew that free energy devices were engineerable 100 years ago, because he spent his life working on the energy understanding. Many followers in this field are still trying to get as close as him to the secrets of our abundant world, and it is hopeful to know that we have the scientific base to continue walking in this direction, which will drive us to the state of a much more developed society. There is a growing number of grassroot movements and scientific networks engaged into transformative energy technologies. Their mission is to discuss on the energy breakthroughs and support the inventors and scientists working on R&D projects.  
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Infinity SAV 
Magnetic generator [¤]
  This product is a symbiosis of permanent magnets and bifilar coils. The device is able to operate in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM regardless of amount of useful energy being consumed. The magnetic generator MG10 consists of 60 neodymium magnets and 60 bifilar coils. The constructional feature that enables generating electrical energy is the precise angular alignment of the coils and magnets inside the drum and the switching regulations to suppress back EMF and effectively collect accumulated energy inside the electromagnets (coils). With a retail price (without VAT etc.) of 15'000 USD for the 10 kW unit resp. with a price of 8'000 USD for the 5 kW unite you can calculate a paypack period of 1,5 year. Example: Electricity price: 1kW = $0.2 (EU average) Total consumption: 10,000kW Annual savings: 10,000 x 0.2 = $2,000 Selling remaining electricity back to the grid: 77,360 x 0.1 = $7,736 (1kW = $0,1 (EU average NEM tariff) Payback: 15,000 / (2,000 + 7,736) = 1,5 years 
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T. Padmanabhan 
Emergent Perspective of Gravity and Dark Energy [¤]
  There is sufficient amount of internal evidence in the nature of gravitational theories to indicate that gravity is an emergent phenomenon like, e.g, elasticity…. In such an approach, the dynamics evolves towards a state of holographic equipartition, characterized by the equality of number of bulk and surface degrees of freedom in a region bounded by the Hubble radius. This principle correctly reproduces the standard evolution of a Friedmann universe. Further, (a) it demands the existence of an early in&#64258;ationary phase as well as late time acceleration for its successful implementation and (b) allows us to link the value of late time cosmological constant to the e-folding factor during in&#64258;ation. 
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Adolf Schneider 
Waterhammer Effect - damped and undamped [¤]
  Water hammer or hydraulic shock is a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid (usually a liquid but sometimes also a gas) in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly (momentum change). The instantaneous stop of a travelling fluid in a pipe can produce a loud bang or a repetitive bang, as the shock wave travels back and forth in the plumbing system. Normally such shock waves are damped but if there is an undamped oscillation increase it is possible that hydraulic parts – pipes, vessels, valves - can be destroyed by high local pressure peaks. But triggered undamped controlled hydraulic oscillations or vibrations can also be used for energy conversion system like that of Dr. V.V. Marukhin, see : http://www.borderlands.de/net_pdf/NET0511S30-33.pdf . He has calculated and build hydraulic ram systems which are able to “cultivate” and “control” the water hammer effcect and to allow the establishement of a continous and undamped oscillation or vibration of a water column against the steel wall of inner tubes resp. against the air column inside a completely closed cylinder (newest version).Concerning the energy transfer it can be supposed that a normal non-repetitive hydraulic shock uses energy from the pressure increase or from fluid potential in the gravity field. But in the case of a non-damped arrangement it could be speculated that in some way nuclear vibrational energy of the molecular grid of the steel tubes – which are vibrating themselves – is used and continously “refreshed” because the nucleons are undamped vibrating. A main theoretical problem is the question in which way it is possible to adapt to the very high nuclear vibrations (10exp15 Hz) compared with some thousands of Hz of the fluid vibration in the Marukhin energy systems. It seems to occur some kind of frequency down conversions. But in which way the correct subharmonic adaption of the ram pump resonance to the nucleon resonance is realized is an open question!  
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Jonathan Dickau 
Mandelbrot Cosmos [¤]
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Stephen J. Crothers 
The Black Hole, the Big Bang, and Modern Physics [¤]
  There has been a deliberate suppression of important scientific papers by the community of physicists and astronomers concerning the black hole, beginning with the original paper by Karl Schwarzschild of 1916, evidently for vainglory, money and self-aggrandisement. I bring you free access to those papers, and others of relevance, in the hope that this fraud can be exposed and physics restored to a rational search for knowledge. The black hole has no foundation in theory whatsoever. Neither Newton's theory nor Einstein's theory predict it. In fact, both theories preclude it, contrary to what the orthodox relativists claim. Here are some important papers that deal with the Black Hole and the Big Bang. They prove that these theories are not consistent with General Relativity and have no basis in theory whatsoever. 
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Gabriel Fauner 
Flüssiggaskraftwerk - Schwerkraft + Wärme [¤]
  Eine Abwandlung des Wasserkraftwerks, aber mit geschlossenem Kreislauf: Anstelle des Wassers eine Flüssigkeit mit niedriger Siedetemperatur. Der natürliche Umlauf wird künstlich verstärkt durch Heizung der Flüssigkeit und Kühlung des Dampfes im Kondensator. OverUnity? 
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