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A theoretical explanation of how Free Energy operates in our Universe [¤]
  Mutual Induction at the Cost of Self-Induction Yields No Free Lunch! For free energy to occur in Tesla's system of generation, self-induction must be minimized so as to prevent it from becoming parasitic eating up any gain made by the system's mutual induction. How do we do this in my circuit? By shifting voltage out-of-phase with the current by a factor of 180°. Then, there will be no back EMF to compete with the coil's dynamics. Back EMF is a product of synchronicity between current and voltage in a coil. Without zero degrees of synchronicity, a coil has no opportunity to undermine its own reactance, nor undermine the reactance of anything else in the circuit. 8 June, 2019 
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Adolf Schneider 
MEG Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [¤]
  Linksammlung Update 19.1.2006 
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Alternative Energy+Related Videos [¤]
  Search and watch thousands of alternative energy related videos - free 
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Gaby de Wilde 
Water-fueled car [¤]
  To all whom it may concern be it known that I, Gaby de Wilde, artist, subject of the Dutch Queen, of Dutch nationality, a citizen of the independent monarchy of the Netherlands governed by members of the House of Orange Nassau, residence of Enkhuizen, in the Province of North-Holland the Kingdom of the Netherlands, have documented claims of new and improved methods towards utilisation of water in the sense of it being a fuel source thus allowing for the construction of peak oil reziliant apparatus in the most general sense thereof I hereby declare ofwhich the following specification to aproach as closeley as possible to be the full, clear, exact and accurate description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to use the same. 
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William (Bill) Alek 
  The vacuum or aether is filled with random fluctuations of energy. Paul Dirac, a physicist from the first half of the 20th century referred to this vacuum or plenum as the "Sea of Negative Energy". A vacuum or plenum consisting of electron/positron pairs that exist below their respective ground state. The key method of harnessing this energy is to "create" a curvature or torque between two Newtonian inertial reference frames, then extract this energy freely given by the vacuum. If the curvature or torque between these two inertial frames is zero, the two frames are said to be equal, NO FREE Energy is available. However, if the curvature or torque is non-zero, or a difference exists between these two frames, energy is freely given or taken from the vacuum. The direction or sign of this curvature or torque determines if energy is freely given or taken 
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Ein neues Sonnensystem - Mars [¤]
  freie Energie 
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Jovan Marjanovic 
Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machine [¤]
  The goal of this book is to unlock the secrets of over unity and to teach people what is over unity and how it works. The reader will learn how to make new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets.  
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Extending the Range of Electric Vehicles by Maximizing their Amphours [¤]
  Electrical transients are a renewable source of pollution-free energy, updated 29th June 2019. The accumulation of energy is the reason why transient surges can result in electrical overloads capable of exploding transformers and frying circuit boards. These surges have been suppressed, for good reason, for more than a century. I study how to foster them, manage them, and harness them to power all of our appliances – but especially: our electric cars. See also: https://www.amazon.com/Vinyasi/e/B07PZ4VK99 or: https://payhip.com/vinyasi or: http://vinyasi.info/ 
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Adolf Schneider 
Free Energy Systems [¤]
  Linksammlung Update 17.07.06 
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Energy generators sourcing energy from a Vacuum (Zero Point Energy) - HeroX [¤]
  Quantum theory predicts and experiments verify that so-called empty space (the vacuum) contains an enormous residual background energy known as zero-point energy or ZPE (the Casimir[2] Effect). This energy derives its name from the fact that at temperatures of absolute zero, elementary particles continue to exhibit energetic behavior." The field seems to have a strong theoretical foundation, as illustrated by numerous articles in high-quality peer-reviewed scientific journals such as "Extracting energy and heat from the vacuum" by Cole and Puthoff in Physical Review E in 1993. This youtube video also features American physicist Harold Puthoff explaining the reality of ‘free energy’. 
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Regina Lamour 
Sixth wave of innovation, Forth Industrial Revolution and Energy Breakthroughs as levers of Paradigm shift [¤]
  We see the importance of new solutions for the future and we we can play the pivotal role in the transition to turn the 6th wave of innovation into “Green Kondratieff”, and the 4th industrial revolution into the “Era of Breakthroughs”. All the efforts to follow this direction will result in a better resilience of regions, towns, villages, organisations, families, a better adaptiveness to many inevitable costly risks and stronger social cohesion which is the main condition to maintain in life the dynamic of transformations and cross the turbulence zone, where we are right now, faster and with less losses. A better understanding of new energy technologies paired with higher consciousness across the society is a must to progress in this direction. Nikolas Tesla, knew that free energy devices were engineerable 100 years ago, because he spent his life working on the energy understanding. Many followers in this field are still trying to get as close as him to the secrets of our abundant world, and it is hopeful to know that we have the scientific base to continue walking in this direction, which will drive us to the state of a much more developed society. There is a growing number of grassroot movements and scientific networks engaged into transformative energy technologies. Their mission is to discuss on the energy breakthroughs and support the inventors and scientists working on R&D projects.  
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Tomas Heinze 
Informationen zur UnterstĂŒtzung beim Bau einer HHO-Gas-Anlage/Browns-Gas-Anlage [¤]
  Diese Informationen unterstützen Sie dabei, eine HHO-Gas- bzw. Browns-Gas-Anlage zu bauen. Im Gegensatz zu den HHO-Boostern ist mit diesem System ein Overunity-Effekt erzielbar. Das Dokument ist keine Bauanleitung, sondern kann lediglich dazu dienen, die darin enthaltenen Hinweise in eigenen Experimenten und Prototypen umzusetzen. 
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Enrico Butzke 
Freie Energie - xinos  [¤]
  Linkseite zu Freie Energie und umweltfreundlichen Technologien 
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The Very Last Page of the Internet [¤]
  Free Energy Research - Experimental Research 
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Mercuriel Jewell 
MagnetoSynergie - La QuĂȘte MagnĂ©tique de l'Ă©nergie libre [¤]
  Ce site, MagnetoSynergie, se concentre essentiellement sur la recherche des générateurs magnétiques aptes à produire de l'énergie libre. Les pages [Science sans frontières] et [Présentez vos recherches] ouvrent néanmoins des portes sur une vision plus globale de cette quête de l'indépendance énergétique citoyenne. Changement de paradigme Avec ce site, nous nous proposons donc d'offrir et de partager ces connaissances qui, une fois exploitées consciencieusement nous l'espérons, permettrons à notre belle planète bleue de recouvrer sa vitalité. Chercheurs isolés, au fond de vos ateliers, la solution à la crise énergétique mondiale est sur l'établi, le dénouement est imminent. Il est vraisemblable, comme vous le découvrirez à la lecture de l'histoire des [Précurseurs], que plusieurs de ces systèmes à énergie libre aient déjà été trouvés et réalisés.  
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Keppe, César, Frascari 
Electromagnetic Motor and equipment to generate work torque [¤]
  The present invention refers to a motor or also a generator that reduces the consumption of electric energy and deliver mechanical potential energy at least equivalent to conventional electric motors. 
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Ronald E. Pelrine 
Stabil in der Schwebe - Diamagnetische Lager [¤]
  Seit den 1930er Jahren ist eine einfache Methode bekannt, mit der man Gegenstände stabil im Magnetfeld schweben lassen kann ? doch erst jetzt fi nden die Forscher dafür auch praktische Anwendungen. 
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Andreas Titze 
Magnetismus [¤]
  Magnetische Sättigung von Materialien Gruppierungen des Magnetismus Permeabilitätszahlen verschiedener Stoffe Begriffserklärungen Magnetismus Zur Übersicht eigene Projekte (auch magnetisch) 
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Adolf Schneider (Compiler) 
Links zu Muammer Yildiz Magnetic Motor [¤]
  Die Baugruppe des Yildiz-Motors besteht im Wesentlichen aus Permanentmagneten, Kunststoff und Aluminium. Experimente bestätigen jedoch, dass der Motor, ohne mit einer anderen konventionellen Energiequelle (wie Batterien usw.) verbunden zu sein, in der Lage ist, ein kontinuierliches Drehmoment auf einer sich drehenden Achse zu entwickeln und auf diese Weise als Antriebsmaschine betrieben werden kann. Normalerweise handelt es sich um einen Energieaustauschprozess ohne durchschnittlichen Nettoenergietransfer. Wenn jedoch mechanische Energie aus der Spinachse entnommen wird, wird davon ausgegangen, dass die ausgeklügelte Konstruktion der Magnete es für einen bestimmten Leistungsbereich ermöglicht, genügend Energie aus den Quantenschwankungen durch die interne Partikelvorrichtung umzusetzen, um die schraubenförmige Form des Magnetfeldes um den Rotor herum zu erhalten (Auszug aus http://gaia-projects.org/yildiz-motor/). In dieser Zusammenstellung sind verschiedene Links zur Technologie von Muammer Yildiz zusammengefasst. 
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Adolf Schneider (compiler) 
Basics of Magnetic Propulsion [¤]
  Introduction to differerent concepts of autonomous magnetic propulsion with energy delivered from the vacuum field. 1. Flywheel storage of magnetic energy (Dennis Danzik, IEC) 2. Theory and Practice of Halbach Arrays which is the basic concept in Dennis Danzik's Magnetic Propulsion technology 3.Harnessing Mechanical Energy From Strong Electromagnetic Forces Generated by the Spin of Electrons according to the concept of Kenneth C. Kozeka 4. Energy Conversion via Magnetic Monopoles 5. Regauging a Magnetic Scalar Potential 6. Permanent Magnet Spiral Motor for Magnetic Gradient Energy Utilization 
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Steven M. Greer / Theodore C. Loder 
The Orion Project Memorandum to Barack Obama and Members of Congress [¤]
  The Orion Project (www.TheOrionProjet.org) and Advanced Energy Research Organization (www.AERO2012.com) have identified ground breaking new energy solutions that require your immediate investgation and support. We need to refocus the national discussion on energy away from the zero sum game of 'clean coal', solar, wind, biofuels and nuclear power and towards these truly advanced systems that involve an entirely new area of physics. The new sciences hold the key to beginning a new energy economy, solving the global warming problem, eliminating poverty around the world and creating a sustainable and just civilization on earth. 
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Free Energy [¤]
  Web directory of information about free energy devices and how to make free energy machine. 
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UAWINFO.com [¤]
  Employees communication board perpetual motion,magnetic motor,unidirectional magnetic force,moving magnet,magnetic materials,analysis,magnetic systems,magnetic motors,closed loop,unidirectional force,energy level,simulations,magnetic energy,unidirectional motion,unidirectional thrust,unidirectional thruster,magnetic thruster,torque,forever,for free,free energy,overunity,electromagnetism,tomi theory,opposition force,stator magnets,impulse force,equilibrium point,impulse region,lock point,track,flux lines,influence region,magnetization effect,magnetization direction,flux density,energy distribution,difference on energy distribution,forcess, water energy.power,furl,diesel,petrol,saving,HHO,gas,hydroden,H2O,Driving,vehicle,car,truck,engines,Mileage,save money,saving,Fuel Economy,Mileage,Natural,Solar Cell, energy,Saving,motor,motorist,driver,driven,Gallon,litres,cruise,speed 
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Adolf Schneider 
Resonanz-Systeme mit Raumenergie-Kopplung [¤]
  Verschiedene Berichte aus aller Welt zeigen, dass es bei nichtlinearen bzw. unsymmetrischen Systemen eine Möglichkeit zu geben scheint, Energie aus dem Vakuumfeld oder dem Raumenergiefeld auszukoppeln und in andere Energieformen umzuwandeln. Dies gilt im Prinzip sowohl für elektrostatische und magnetische Felder als auch für Beschleunigungsfelder. 
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Arnd Koslowski 
Forschung - MinoTech - Innovative Technologien [¤]
  Herzlich willkommen bei MinoTech. Sie finden hier nützliche Informationen rund um innovative Technologien. Folgende Themen werden behandelt. Forschung Pyramidenenergie: Grundlagen, Versuche, Aufbau und Ausrichtung Saatgutbehandlung E-Feld (Der Urzeitcode) Wasserautoforschungen Deutsche Übersetzung eines Stanley Meyernachbau Freie Energie Magnetmotor, Wasserauto, Grundlagen zur Freien Energie Technik Grundlagen der Schaltungsentwicklung und Bauteilanalyse Alternative Heilmethoden Kurzinformationen zu Kolloidalen Silber Frequenztherapien Lichttherapie URL?s zu Bauanleitungen 
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Markus Groneberg 
Anwendungsmöglichkeiten - Frequenzmedizin [¤]
  Linkliste zum Vortrag am 30. Mai 2018 in Kiel 
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Adolf Schneider 
Diamagnetismus [¤]
  Zusammenstellung verschiedener Links zu Diamagnetismus und Bezugsquellen für verschiedene diamagnetische Materialien. 
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Göran Wall 
bibliography on exergy [¤]
  This bibliography contains about 2034 publications most of which are direct references to the concept of exergy published by 1992.  
Bewertung: ********** (34 Stimmen) eingetragen am 23.06.2007 Hits: 10585, Status: Indikator
Dennis Kidwell 
New Energy Frontiers [¤]
  This web site is devoted to advanced concepts for alternative energy, physics, and space propulsion. 
Bewertung: ********** (34 Stimmen) eingetragen am 17.12.2000 Hits: 10586, Status: Indikator
Sackstedt, Urich F. 
Browns Gas / HHO - Energie fĂŒr Alle [¤]
  Browns Gas / HHO entsteht aus Wasser und wird wieder zu Wasser. Im Grunde ist es gasförmiges Wasser. Nach Gebrauch implodiert es wieder zu dem, was es vorher war, zu Wasser. Aus einem Liter Wasser entstehen 1866 Liter Browns Gas! Dieser Planet ist zum größten Teil von Wasser bedeckt und niemand nutzt es richtig. Browns Gas ist der Weg dahin. Browns Gas produziert keine schädlichen Rückstände. Browns Gas / HHO macht den Katalysator überflüssig. Browns Gas kann Radioaktivität beseitigen und kann vieles mehr. Näheres dazu finden Sie im Buch "Browns Gas - die unerschöpfliche Energiequelle"  
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