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Zoltan Szili 
Free Energy Electronic Circuit [¤]
  By publishing this very simple circuit, I would like to give the amateurs, the occasion to prove that the electric extraction of power of the vacuum exists indeed. The goal of my letter is to make known my work and to help to develop quantum generators for the use of people and industries. I decided to make public a first circuit, and the amateurs will be able to try out it.  
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Ricardo Azevedo 
Brazilian inventor builds water-powered motorcycle [¤]
  (7 Feb 2016) BRAZIL WATER MOTORBIKE SOURCE: AP HORIZONS, LIFESTYLE, HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY RESTRICTIONS: HORIZONS CLIENTS AND AP LIFESTYLE, HEALTH AND TECHNOL... Ricardo Azevedo, a brilliant inventor of a water powered motorbike, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil has created a motorbike that runs COMPLETELY off of water. In the video below, he demonstrates by literally going to a local pond, filling up his water bottle, filtering the water, and pouring it directly into his fuel tank. Ricardo’s Bike which uses electrolysis to generate Hydrogen for fuel is still running and receiving news coverage.See also: http://alexanderhiggins.com/water-powered-automobiles-inventors-killed-intimidated-and-bought-off-to-keep-clean-energy-from-public/ 
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David Richards 
Water powered cars [¤]
  Water-powered cars have existed for years. Oil, with its attendant evils – pollution, oil wars, oil spills – are unnecessary. Water-powered cars have been given scant media coverage. In some cases, the inventors were intimidated into ceasing their work, died under mysterious circumstances or even murdered leaving some to speculate they were assassinated. This collection summarizes the most important inventors of water motors around the world. 
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Adolf Schneider 
Free Energy Multiplier [¤]
  This compilation summarizes the effects and experiences with special pulse loading battery systems with COP>1. The additional energy seems to come from the environment and allows some system to operate autonomously. The converters of Roland Brandt/Bedini, Ron Cole, Carlos Ucrós, Matthew Jones, Mondrasek, Jetijis, Alexkor, Witts are discussed, and several patents are referenced as theoretical papers together witt a summary and comments of COP which can be reached (1,8....12). 
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Marcus Reid 
Kristallaggregat [¤]
  Das Kristallaggregat liefert Elektroenergie, ohne dafür Rohstoffe zu verbrauchen. Es konnte bisher überhaupt kein Input an irgendeiner bekannten Energieform festgestellt werden, welche für den kontinuierlichen Output an Elektroenergie verantwortlich wäre. 
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Tom Bearden 
Motionless Electrical Generator - QuickSeek Encyclopedia [¤]
  The Motionless Electrical Generator (MEG) is an unusual transformer, which is most notable for claims of over-unity operation (as stated by the inventors, after a predetermined switching event the "generator" operates without an application of external power). 
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Projekt  [¤]
  Kontaktforum für Menschen, die überzeugt sind, dass ein Ottomotor mit normalem Leitungswasser angetrieben werden kann.  
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Hamish Robertson 
The Joe Cell - Abundant, free, clean energy through space charge physics [¤]
  Welcome to the Joe Cell website. A Joe Cell is a controversial device that's has been claimed to generate overunity effects by powering a normal internal combustion engine. If these claims are true and the science behind the Cell can be effectively harnessed, the device could offer the potential to revolutionize the world in which we live by eliminating the need to consume fossil fuels. Such a clean, green technology could power your car, your home or just about anything else that requires energy. Joe Cells are commonly confused with normal electrolytic cells that produce hydrogen and oxygen gas. The major difference is that a Joe Cell does not have a current running through it when connected to the engine, so no hydroxy gases are produced. The effects observed in relation to the Joe Cell appear to be achieved through space charge physics. This website provides information about the Joe Cell and space charge engine technology. Please refer to the links and reference sections for a more complete understanding of the concepts presented. 
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The Adams Motor Page [¤]
  Origional Adams file as posted on Keelynet 
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E.I. Linevich / A.F. Ezshov 
Inertial Motor [¤]
  This device contains a gyroscope, an electric motor with an unbalance with a possibility of the free line - limbic movements, and a control system. 
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