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Claus W. Turtur 
Audio-book: The Zero-point Energy of the quantum-vacuum [¤]
  Here are three parts of a YouTube-video, with explanation about Free Energy: Part 1: Basics, as generally known in Science (about 20 Minutes) Part 2: Fundamental scientific proof for the usablility of the Zero-point Energy of the quantum-vacuum (about 30 Minutes) Part 3: Construction of a powerful vacuum-energy motor for the free energy-supply of everybody. (about 60 Minutes) For all, who want to read text in a quiet mood and to see the pictures with high resolution, there is also a PDF file available. 
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Clint Seward, Chiping Shen, Ken Ware 
  Spinning plasma toroids are created using high power electric arcs similar to lightning bolts. The spinning toroids are observed to be stable in atmosphere with no confining magnetic fields. Spinning toroids have the appearance of spheres, or balls, and create bright light through collisions with neutrals in the atmosphere. The spinning toroids are observed to last for more than 200 milliseconds in partial atmosphere. This paper describes the initiation apparatus and parameters. An explanation for the plasma toroid is presented that it is a hollow toroid of electrons where all the electrons travel in parallel paths orthogonal to the toroid circumference and reside in a thin outer shell of the toroid. The electron motion creates a current in the surface that in turn creates an internal magnetic field. Equations are presented detailing the initiation of the plasma toroid, and detailing the plasma toroid itself. The stability analysis for the plasma toroid has been completed that explains how the plasma toroid remains stable in atmosphere. The spinning plasma toroid has the appearance of Ball Lightning, in observations, computer simulations, and equations. The plasma toroid explains how a plasma ring can be stable in atmosphere with no external magnetic fields, and how it can contain many electrons with high energy. Ball lightning is often reported as a ring current, in toroid shape, and since a spinning ring appears as a sphere or ball, the spinning plasma toroid provides an explanation for Ball Lightning. The technology of the plasma toroid has the potential for new applications in propulsion and energy generation and storage. 
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Anastasovski et.al. 
Classical Electrodynamics without the Lorenz condition: Extracting Energy from the Vacuum [¤]
  It is shown that if the Lorenz condition is discarded, the Maxwell-Heaviside field equations become the Lehnert equations, indicating the presence of charge density and current density in the vacuum. The Lehnert equations are a subset of the 0(3) Yang-Mills field equations. Charge and current density in the vacuum are defined straightforwardly in terms of the vector potential and scalar potential, and are conceptually similar to Maxwell's displacement current, which also occurs in the classical vacuum. The demonstration is made of the existence of a time dependent classical vacuum polarization which appears if the Lorenz condition is discarded, Vacuum charge and current appear phenomenologically in the Lehnert equations but fundamentally in the 0(3) Yang-Mills theory of classical electrodynamics. The latter also allow for the possibility of the existence of vacuum topological magnetic charge density and topological magnetic current density. Both 0(3) and Lehnert equations are superior to the Maxwell-Heaviside equations in being able to describe phenomena not amenable to the latter. In theory, devices can be made to extract the energy associated with vacuum charge and current. 
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Eckman Chris 
Plasma Orbital Expansion of the Electrons in Water [¤]
  Brown's Gas boasts a plethora of unusual characteristics that defy current chemistry. It has a cool flame of about 130°C (266°F), yet melts steel, brick and many other materials. Confusingly, research both confirms and rebuffs many claims about it, leading to a smorgasbord of theories today seeking to explain its unusual properties. One possible theory, currently gaining support even from establishment science, depicts "plasma orbital expansion of the electron in a water molecule". In this process, unlike electrolysis, the water molecule "bends" into a linear, dipole-free geometry. This linear water molecule expands to gain electrons in the d sub-shell, and these extra electrons produce different effects on different target materials. Electrons that scatter at point of contact produce heat based upon electrical conductivity, density and thermal capacity of the material. It also shows why Rydberg clusters are a part of browns gas and how the linear water molecule needs these clusters to survive. This paper will explain this new theory and why it is gaining popularity among scientist in academia.  
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Znidarsic, F./Robertson, G.A. 
The Flow of Energy [¤]
  In this paper, the flow of energy in materials is presented as mechanical waves with a distinct velocity or speed of transition. This speed of transition came about through the observations of cold fusion experiments, i.e., Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) and superconductor gravity experiments, both assumed speculative by mainstream science. In consideration of superconductor junctions, the LENR experiments have a similar speed of transition, which seems to imply that the reactions in the LENR experiment are discrete quantized reactions (energy - burst vs. continuous). Here an attempt is made to quantify this new condition as it applies to electrons; toward the progression of quantized energy flows (discrete energy burst) as a new source of clean energy and force mechanisms (i.e, propulsion). 
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Fluidmotor Startup [¤]
  Fluidmotor.com beschreibt eine Maschine, die aus latenter Umgebungswärme Energie erzeugt, ein Perpetuum mobile zweiter Art als Nachbildung des meteorologischen Wirbels. Außerdem werden substantielle Begriffe wie Gravitation, Entropie und Geschwindigkeit neu interpretiert. 
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Adolf Schneider 
Energy Extraction from the Vacuum Field [¤]
  Scientific and Popular Papers and Books - Patents - Videos - Periodics - References 
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Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev 
Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM - Supergravitation Unified Theory [¤]
  Advances in the field of cold fusion and the recent success of the nickel and hydrogen exothermal reaction, in which the energy release cannot be explained by a chemical process, need a deeper understanding of the nuclear reactions and, more particularly, the possibility for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The current theoretical understanding based on high temperature fusion does not offer an explanation for the cold fusion or LENR. The treatise ?Basic Structures of Matter ? Supergravitation Unified Theory?, based on an alternative concept of the physical vacuum, provides an explanation from a new point of view by using derived three-dimensional structures of the atomic nuclei. For explanation of the nuclear energy, a hypothesis of a field micro-curvature around the superdense nucleus is suggested. Analysis of some successful cold fusion experiments resulted in practical considerations for modification of the Coulomb barrier. The analysis also predicts the possibility of another cold fusion reaction based on some similarity between the nuclear structures of Ni and Cr.  
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Robert Gansler 
Maxwell?s Dämon vitalisiert Wasser - Gedanken über den Zusammenhang von Entropie, Information, Vitalität und dem Kristallbildungsvermögen von Wasser [¤]
  Ein Dämon, den der Physiker James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) einst herauf beschworen hatte, scheint nach langem Schlaf wieder erwacht zu sein. Offenbar bemühte Maxwell diesen Dämon, weil ihm die Beschränkung des 2. Hauptsatzes der Thermodynamik zu eng interpretiert schien. Gemeinhin wurde und wird von Thermodynamikern dieser Erfahrungssatz so aufgefasst, dass ohne ein Temperatur- und/oder Druckgefälle keine Energieumwandlung möglich und also keine Arbeit verrichtet werden kann. Denn bei jeder Umwandlung wird Energie mehr und mehr abgewertet, mit dem Ergebnis, dass immer weniger Energie zur Verrichtung von Arbeit zur Verfügung steht. Als Maß für diese Energieabwertung wurde die Entropie als thermodynamische Zustandsgröße eingeführt. Anhand der oben ausgeführten Modellvorstellungen ist die Ursache für die Strukturveränderungen in Wasser infolge der Behandlung mit sogenannten Vitalisierungsverfahren mit einem Entropie-Export und der damit verbundenen Selbstorganisation des Systems Wasser erklärbar. Von Relevanz ist weniger der Energieübergang, aber unvergleichlich mehr der Informationsübergang auf das Wasser, was freilich in Organismen eine Energiefreisetzung zur Folge haben kann, sofern der Resonanzfall eintritt. Um ein stofflich und informativ reines und geordnetes Wasser zu erhalten, ist es notwendig, den Informationsgehalt des Wassers auf einige wenige Ur-Informationen zu reduzieren. Platonische- Körper-Strukturen werden als Ur-Informationen favorisiert [4, 5, 6]. Als Auslöser für diese Umstrukturierungen des Wassers kommen einige Phänomene in Betracht, die gemäß einem Gedankenexperiment von J. C. Maxwell unter dem Begriff des Maxwellschen Dämon in die wissenschaftliche Literatur eingegangen sind. Dabei wird der Entropiesatz von skalaren thermodynamischen Größen auf vektorielle und geometrische 
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Zoltan Losonc 
Free Energy Principles - the forbidden science [¤]
  Free Energy From Wave Fields The free energy research is pursued mostly by enthusiastic people, who do not have full trust in the validity of the official scientific knowledge. There is a civil engineer in Hungary János Vajda who dedicated his whole life to the science, specifically to the microwave technology. As the result of many years of research he succeeded to scientifically prove (with the classical scientific methods and formulas – i.e. without any new “mystical” theory) that the law of energy conservation is not valid in general sense for the wave fields, but it can be satisfied only in special cases. Therefore it can not be considered as a valid postulate. His first study of 1998 the study has been translated into English titled “VIOLATION OF THE LAW OF ENERGY CONSERVATION IN WAVE FIELDS” and published for the first time on the website “Free Energy Principles” as a free eBook, for the benefit of all free energy researchers, see: https://feprinciples.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/energy_from_wave_fields_1-21.pdf 
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