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Gyula Imre Szász 
Physikalische Evidenz: Experimentelle Bestätigung gegen empirische Behauptung [¤]
  Die traditionelle Astrophysik verteidigt ihr Standardmodell mit all seinen Implikationen wie Urknall, gekrümmter Raum, schwarze Löcher, dunkle Masse und Energie, beschleunigte Ausdehnung des Universums, Gravitationslinsen, möglichen Parallel-Universen, Singularitäten in der Raum-Zeitstruktur etc.praktisch vorbehaltlos. Andererseits weiss die Teilchenphysik nicht, wie sie die vermuteten fundamentalen Wechselwirkungen miteinander vereinen bzw. harmonisieren soll. Sie weiss nicht, wie viele Teilchen es überhaupt gibt, noch kann sie sagen, was Teilchen mit ihren physikalischen Eigenschaften sind und was die Wechselwirkung zwischen ihnen letztendlich verursacht. Zusammenfassend lässt sich die gegenwärtige Situation der Physik so beschreiben: Beide Fachrichtungen haben ein eigenes Erklärungsmodell. Beide sind davon überzeugt, dass ihr Modell dasjenige mit der höchsten Plausibilität ist. Gleichwohl haben beide Standardmodelle nicht nur ihre eigenen, unstrittigen Lücken, sie sind vielmehr vollständig disjunkt zueinander. Sie haben lediglich eine Gemeinsamkeit: Beide berufen sich auf Einsteins energetische Vorstellung und auf sein schwaches Äquivalenzprinzip. Es war dieses physikalische Zwielicht, das den Autor anspornte, nach gewichtigen experimentellen Evidenzen zu forschen, und zwar nach solchen, die alle, auch Einstein, als empirische Evidenzen angenommen haben, ohne dass sie je experimentell bestätigt worden wären.  
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Thierry de Mees 
The General Science Journal [¤]
  Purpose Of Site: Dedicated to the Free Expression of Scientific Theories --- The original and continued purpose of these pages is to provide an opportunity for public presentation of scientific theories without prior and arbitrary assessment, criticism or rejection by the recipient. Judgement by the few runs counter to the spirit of scientific exploration. The internet provides a potential world of criticism and support. Authors who make their theories known in this manner will probably find both. Papers on all aspects of science and philosophy are accepted. Readers who have opinions on the subjects are encouraged to participate. Your research papers or communications may be submitted at no cost to the respective GSJ Editors (see listing), or an annual subscription may be purchased which allows entry of your personal profile, areas of interest, contact information etc. Included, is the ability to post and edit your own papers in multiple languages, within the guidelines established. A significant feature is the ability of your readers to post comments on your profile, and for you to respond. You may also use this feature by contacting persons of interest to read your papers and requesting they leave comments. The GSJ forum may be used for any dialogues that serves to highlight and explore the subjects covered on-site for the benefit of correspondents and other readers. The historical section of the site includes significant articles authored by some of the most important physicists of the preceeding centuries. A separate listing of papers published by scientific journals of the last decades of the 20th century includes insightful commentary by many respondents. It is hoped that physicists and students of physics will find it a useful resource for historical theories and experimental methods. 
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Library of Halexandria 
Zero-Point Energy [¤]
  uantum theory predicts, and experiments verify, that so-called empty space (the vacuum) contains an enormous residual background energy known as zero-point energy or ZPE. This energy derives its name from the fact that at temperatures of absolute zero (- 273o Celsius), elementary particles continue to exhibit energetic behavior. Advances in the theories of zero-point energy, nonlinear thermodynamics, and Connective Physics open up the possibility of cohering this energy for practical purposes -- in effect tapping the zero-point, and thereby accessing a universe-sized source of energy.  
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Prof. Dr. Mario Liu, Tübingen 
Eine "thermodynamische Elektrodynamik" [¤]
  Die makroskopischen Maxwell-Gleichungen folgen direkt aus der Lokalität, der Ladungserhaltung und der Thermodynamik 
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Koen van Vlaenderen 
The revealed secrets of classical electrodynamics [¤]
  The theoretical background of Tesla's longitudinal electric waves, electrostatic energy, the Hutchison effect, and more 
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David Halprin 
No Strings Attached [¤]
  Vibrating Space of the Reciprocal System of Theory (RST) Hopefully we can use a methodology with appropriate modifications to reveal to the world at large a viable mathematical successor to Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory showing that we do not need (8+2)- or (24+2)-dimensional topology to produce a renormalisable physical universe satisfying the conditions of self-consistency 
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Myron Evens 
Sixty papers and documents on O(3) electrodynamics [¤]
  Here is a complete list of AIAS papers published to date. There are many other papers published in my own name on B(3), many debate papers and many papers submitted for publication. The B(3) and debate papers are listed in the Science Citation Index. I think it is a good idea to get together all the B(3) papers from an ISI (science citation index) search engine, 1992 to present. Perhaps other members of AIAS could help with this. An attachment to this document lists 21 honors and awards received in 1999, and over sixty in total. 
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Part Community 
Perpetual motion - 3D Animation [¤]
  A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work indefinitely without an energy source. This kind of machine is impossible, as it would violate the first or second law of thermodynamics...In 2017 new states of matter, time crystals, were discovered which may allow for perpetual motion by bypassing the laws of thermodynamics, but since a time crystal is not a closed system, it does not constitute a perpetual motion machine in the traditional sense.  
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hans wm KÖRBER 
NATURGESETZE plausibel erklärt anhand eines neuen Elektron-Modells [¤]
  Sie erhalten schlüssige ANTWORTEN auf Fragen zur PHYSIK, die NOBELPREISTRÄGER aufwarfen und – HINTERLIESSEN, nachvollziehbare Deutungen bspw der Begriffe: Feinstrukturkonstante, Planck-Konstante, Ladung, Anomalie des magnetischen Moments, Masse, Massendefekt, Photon-Ladung, -Masse, -Frequenz, zwiespältiges -Verhalten, Symmetrie des Elektrons und der Elektron-Zitter- und -Hyperzitterbewegung, -Selbstenergie, -Geschwindigkeit vor, während und nach Quantensprung, Elektronenspin, Bohrsches Magneton, Proton- u. Neutron-Struktur, EPR-Paradoxon, Neutrino, Zentrifugal- und Zentripetalkraft, Gravitation !!! – um nur einige zu nennen! 
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Jutta Weber 
Umkämpfte Bedeutungen - Natur im Zeitalter der Technoscience [¤]
  Naturbegriffe im Zeitalter der Technoscience - Inauguraldissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades 
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Resonance Project Foundation RPF 
RPF Interviews with Dr. Alexander Unzicker [¤]
  Dr. Alexander Unzicker is a German theoretical physicist and son of the famous grandmaster chess player Wolfgang Unzicker. He holds degrees in both physics and law and a PhD in neuroscience. His current field of research is Mach's principle and tests of gravity. Unzicker became known for his popular science book "Vom Urknall zum Durchknall"Âť published by Springer, a scientific imprint, which was awarded the "Science Book of the Year"Âť by leading science journalists in Germany. In his book "Bankrupting Physics: How Today's Top Scientists are Gambling Away Their Credibility"Âť, Unzicker criticizes modern physics theories, more particularly the Standard Model of particle physics and string theory, as lacking experimental verifiability and arguing that they are no longer credible because of their complexity. 
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Tony Rothmann 
Wissenschaftstheorie: Die Physik - ein baufälliger Turm von Babel - Spektrum.de [¤]
  Physiker versprechen immer wieder, ein Theoriegebäude zu errichten, das die gesamte Welt erklärt. Dabei müsste jeder wissen, der die Disziplin zu seinem Beruf gemacht hat, dass sogar in längst errichteten Stockwerken teils gewaltige Risse klaffen. Noch gegen Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts galt Physik als empfangene Wahrheit – in ihr enthüllte Gott sein Antlitz. Einige Physiker mögen diese Vorstellung weiterhin bewahren. Ich selbst sehe die Physik lieber als eine Sammlung von theoretischen Modellen. Sie beschreiben die Landschaft, sind aber nie die Landschaft selbst. Endgültige Antworten liegen darum schlicht auÃźerhalb unserer Reichweite. Sicher sind die Physiker bei der Beschreibung der Natur weiter vorangekommen als die Vertreter anderer Wissenschaften. Mit Verständnis sollten sie dies aber nicht verwechseln. Solche Beispiele gibt es in der Physik zuhauf. Statt so zu tun, als ob es sie nicht gäbe, sollten Physiker daher ehrlich bleiben und es gegenüber ihren Studierenden zugeben, wenn sie mit ihren Erklärungen die Abgründe vermeiden.  
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Adolf Schneider 
Transmutation [¤]
  Linksammlung zu 1) Biologischer und 2) Technischer Transmutation Update 30.8.2006 
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Amber M. Aiken, Ph.D. 
USArmy-ZeroPointEnergy | Applied And Interdisciplinary Physics | Nature [¤]
  "The topic of successfully exploiting zero point energy (ZPE) hasimportance because it represents a high-risk/high pay-off technology. This is not pseudo-science but a very serious discipline where very serious research is underway worldwide that range from investigating the Casimir effect, finding new alternative sources of energy, and developing a means of future long-range space travel. Efforts are currently underway at a U.S. aerospace corporation to include creating hardware to investigate using ZPE to provide energy. Finally, one would like to see experimental data and, hopefully, replication of such experiments representative of 'good' science. However, the amount of U.S. research dollars spent in this endeavor is very small such that even the simplest experiment cannot be performed. Although we are aware of only modest funding worldwide for this type of research, the Intelligence Community should monitor the more controversial aspects of ZPE, or we may miss an important foreign innovational leap forward, thereby leaving us vulnerable to technology surprise." 
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Walter Dröscher/Jochem Häuser 
Future Space Propulsions Based on Heim's Theory [¤]
  Space Visionaries and Space Transportation Physical Ideas Heim's Unified Field Theory Cosmogony of Space and Matter Gravitophoton Force for Space Propulsion Experimental Setup for Gravitophoton Force Interplanetary and Interstellar Missions Conclusions and Future Work 
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C. Johan Masreliez 
The Expanding Spacetime Theory [¤]
  A simple explanation to the cosmological puzzels - This new model, the Expanding Spacetime (EST) theory (formerly the Scale Expanding Cosmos (SEC) theory) agrees better with observations than the Standard Big Bang Model and resolves several cosmological enigmas 
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Hartmut Müller 
Global Scaling [¤]
  Hartmut Mueller developed in the 80s the concept of Global Scaling, a theory based on the properties of rational and transcendental numbers and continued fractions. It explains how the distributions of numbers are not only responsible for the structure of matter but also the dynamics of the physical, biological and social phenomena. Applications of Mueller’s Global Scaling are so manifold and varied that they cover all known fields of science from mathematics, physics, and astronomy to biology, political science and economics. In this book, many of the possible fundamental applications of Global Scaling can only be briefly outlined and will require further detailed study, while its main focus is placed on examples from physics and astronomy — the structure of matter — as the professional fields of the author. 
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